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The Murales of the Moto Guzzi Centenary
"The mural is in memory of the people who with their work and ingenuity have traced the paths of economic development in Mandello.Where there was the entrance of a part of the Ripamonti Workshop and where the project by Carlo Guzzi was realized in 1919, the GP. Painted from left to right are:Mario Bianchi, Giuseppe Guzzi, Carlo Guzzi, Matilde Carcano, Giorgio Ripamonti. Marina, Giorgio and Emanuele Vittorio Parodi. We thank all the people who with their contribution made the execution of the work possible, as well as Mrs. Elena Bagnasco for the kind concession of the family photo.A special thanks to the ICMA company, owner of the mural wall and to Mrs. Silvia Buzzi Torri who immediately supported the initiative. "
Sponsorship package 1
Donation of 100-149 euros:
"The unknown flights of the eagle" book,
constant information on the state of work,
the hand-signed DINA3 print painting.

Sponsorship package Base
"Murales" t-shirt,
20 Euros
Sponsorship package Base Plus:
"Murales" t-shirt,
Remembrance parchment.
30 Euros
Sponsorship package 3:
from 250 euros:
like package 2,
"Murales" t-shirt.

Sponsorship package 2 :
Donation of 150-249 euros:
like package 1 ,
"Mandello del Lario - Early century" book.   
monumento dedicato a carlo guzzi a mandello del lario

Qui nel 1919 cominciò la storia della Moto Guzzi
Ora è possibile visitare quello che è rimasto
e non è poco della antica officina.

Hier im Jahre 1919 begann er die Geschichte von Moto Guzzi
Es ist heute möglich, die beachtlichen antiken
Bestände der alten Fabrik zu besichtigen.

Here in 1919 started the history of Moto Guzzi
Today it is possible to visit what remains,
which is not little, of the old workshop

We thank ARCHIVIO COMUNALE MEMORIA LOCALE di Mandello del Lario( for the laying of the plate)- Mr. GRAZIANO TRINCAVELLI and the Family BIANCHI BUZZI

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